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Bookkeeping Services

From day-to-day expenses to incoming and outgoing transactions, payroll, and everything in between, bookkeeping services for healthcare professionals are crucial for healthcare revenue and overhead management and a successful business.

Full Bookkeeping Services Offered

Better bookkeeping practices = fewer errors. Fewer errors = a better business.

Martin, Bircher, Thompson, PC will help to assure your practice is following the best bookkeeping and financial practices to reach your goals. We can assist in making sure your records are organized and understandable so that your organization can feel empowered and confident in your financial health.

Reconciling Bank and Credit Card Accounts

Account reconciliation can help minimize the risk of your organization being the victim of any fraudulent transactions or transactions caused by unintentional errors. Reviewing these accounts at regular intervals will also optimize your business and reduce overhead spent correcting these mistakes.

Filing State and City Excise Returns

Martin, Bircher, Thompson, PC can assist with filing your state and city excise returns (Form 720) in order to accurately report your business income, sales tax, and use tax. Filing these returns the right way each quarter will keep your practice in good standing with the state of Washington.

Preparing Other Annual Compliance Requirements

Partnering with a CPA means you won’t have to worry that you’re forgetting an important filing requirement at the end of the year.We can assist with all necessary annual compliance requirements, such as Forms 1099, Personal Property Affidavits, and Unclaimed Property Reports.

Assisting With Routine Bookkeeping Tasks

In addition to filing tax forms and reconciling transactions, Martin, Bircher, Thompson, PC is here to assist with all your routine bookkeeping tasks. These duties are necessary to keep your practice running smoothly on a day-to-day basis and get you toward your financial goals.

Empower Yourself and Your Employees

In addition to the aforementioned bookkeeping services, we are also happy to provide training to better equip you or your staff with the bookkeeping knowledge needed to maintain an efficient business accounting system.

Contact Martin, Bircher, Thompson, PC today to find out more about our bookkeeping services, or explore some of our other services for physicians and medical professionals.

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